Familjen Stjärnkrans

About us

The dream of the country that came true!

We are two former city dwellers who grew up in a small town with no rural connection. After high school we moved to the big capital city to study and live, but the life in Stockholm did not give us the freedom we were looking for.

We were looking for something long-term and sustainable. It was there and then that the dream of the country came. Imagine being able to own and manage forests for future generations, actively influence their climate footprint instead of only climate-compensating the purchase of goods and services.

We decided to study Sustainable Family Forestry at Linné University for a year and if we still dreamed of another life after the course, we would move and buy a farm. The dream was then to find a farm with forest where we could have bees, chickens, and sheep. After several years of searching, we found our place on earth, Rubbatorp.

Foto: Jonas Wimmerström

Contact us

If you have any questions about beekeeping, honey or our Farm Fresh Shop, please send us a message.