Familjen Stjärnkrans

Event - Spring Program

Swedish Festive Pastry - Semla

3-4 and 10-11 of February from 10:00 A.M. we are offering classic festive pastries Semlor in our Farm Fresh shop. We will only have a limited amount of Semlor in the shop so please pre-book if you would like some. You can pre-book by sending a SMS on 073-8370505 or an email to info@stjarnkrans.se

Price 35kr/piece

Happy Valentine's day

Prio to Valentine's day the 14 of February we will fill up our Farm Fresh shop with handmade chocolate pralines from Lilla Kakeriet and other goodies. You can also find unique, local, handmade and special present for you dearest. 

Celebrate uniqueness - Rock your socks

18-24 of March we are celebrating Rock your Socks which is a way to highlight differences. It is like our sheep’s that have a unique pattern and colour which shows that “difference” is all ok and that we are all unique and special in our own way. It is therefore very important that we give children and grownups with disabilities the right adaptions and preconditions as everyone should be able to join.

In our Farm Fresh shop we are celebrating differences with special med chocolate balls with colourful sprinkles and in the pasture we have decorated with colourful socks.

Cheer differences and uniqueness! 

Pre-opening Waffles in the Garden

The 9 of May from 12-18 we are Pre-opening our Waffles in the Garden. Here you can find both Swedish classic waffles and Belgian waffles with different toppings. We are also serving coffee, Ice cream, and pastries. 

So please come and enjoy our Bulleby environment and let the children play in the swing-set or just enjoy the nature.

Spring market

Welcome the 11 of May between 11-15 to our Spring market and opening of our Waffle Food Truck in the garden. On the Spring Market you can find seads, flowers, handcrafts, and a flea market. 

In our Farm Fresh shop you can also find perennials.

Waffles in our Garden

Every Saturday and Sunday from week 19 to 38 we will have our Waffle Food Truck open between 12-18. Here you can find both classical Swedish waffles and also Belgian food waffles with different topping. We are also serving coffee, ice cream and pastries.

So please come and enjoy our Bulleby environment and let the children play in the swing-set or just enjoy the nature.

During week 27-32 we are also open at Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. Thuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday our Food Truck is closed but our Farm Fresh shop is open as usually where you can find coffee, ice cream, and pastries. 

Mothers day with Swedish fika Kafferep

Welcome to celebrate the Swedish Mother's day the 26 of May between 12-18. We are serving freshly made waffles and ice cream together with a number of different Fika pastries. For Mother's day we invite you for a Kafferep that is a traditional Swedish way to serve at least 7 different pastries.